Al Araby TV Network is a general television network. Formerly based in London, and now its headquarter is in Qatar.

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Client - Al Araby TV Network


The primary objective of this particular case study revolves around the enhancement of Al Araby TV's online presence and the amplification of brand recognition.

This will be achieved by tackling the persisting issue of low website traffic and implementing strategic measures to elevate the organic search engine rankings.

Moreover, we seek to fortify the brand's visibility through targeted campaigns on Google Display Ads and Facebook Ads.

Additionally, our ultimate goal entails attaining remarkable growth in the number of Facebook page likes, surpassing the monumental milestone of 5 million, in order to establish an influential and commanding social media presence.



Intensive SEO Audit Campaign and Penalty Removal

We conducted a comprehensive SEO audit to identify and rectify any underlying issues affecting website traffic. Through meticulous analysis, we resolved the penalty imposed on the Al Araby website, restoring its search engine rankings and visibility. This allowed for increased organic traffic and improved online presence.

Engaging Content Strategy and Staff Training

To captivate the target audience, we developed and implemented an engaging content strategy. By creating high-quality articles and interactive elements, we successfully attracted and retained viewers. Additionally, we provided comprehensive training to the content team at Al Araby TV in Turkey, equipping them with the latest industry best practices for content creation and optimization.

Content GAP Analysis and Keyword Research

A thorough content GAP analysis and keyword research were conducted to stay ahead of competitors and fulfill the evolving needs of the audience. By identifying content gaps and researching relevant keywords, we generated fresh and valuable content that resonated with the target audience. This led to increased website traffic and improved search engine rankings.

Building a Profile of High-Value Backlinks

We strategically built a robust profile of high-value backlinks from authoritative and relevant websites. Through targeted outreach and collaborations with industry influencers, we established credibility and improved Al Araby TV's online reputation. These high-quality backlinks contributed to higher search engine rankings and increased organic traffic.

Optimized Google GDN Campaigns

To boost website traffic and raise brand awareness, we optimized Google GDN (Google Display Network) campaigns. By carefully targeting the right audience, crafting compelling ad creatives, and utilizing data-driven optimization techniques, we maximized the reach and impact of Al Araby TV's online advertising efforts. This resulted in increased traffic and heightened visibility.

Optimized Facebook Ads Campaigns

Through the implementation of optimized Facebook Ads campaigns, we effectively helped in increasing traffic, raised brand awareness, and acquired more page likes for Al Araby TV. By leveraging advanced targeting options, creating captivating ad copy, and employing strategic bidding strategies, we maximized the platform's potential to reach a wider audience and drive engagement.


Unprecedented Surge in Website Traffic

Al Araby TV Network witnessed a momentous upsurge in its website traffic, with figures soaring to an astonishing 140,000 unique visit per month within 3 months. This significant escalation serves as a testament to the effectiveness of our solutions in propelling organic traffic and attracting a wider audience to the website. Through the optimization of the website and the meticulous implementation of targeted SEO strategies, we effectively augmented online visibility and facilitated greater accessibility.

Heightened Engagement and Diminished Bounce Rate

The meticulously devised content strategy and precise audience targeting led to exceptional levels of engagement. Viewers were enthralled by the compelling articles, videos, and interactive elements crafted as integral components of our content strategy. As a result, the bounce rate reached an all-time low, indicative of visitors actively exploring the website and thoroughly consuming its content. The amalgamation of valuable content and strategic optimization culminated in the formation of a profoundly engaged user base.

Meteoric Rise in Facebook Page Likes

Al Araby TV Network's presence on Facebook witnessed an extraordinary expansion during the seven-month timeframe, accumulating an impressive 7.8 million page likes. This surge in Facebook page likes stands as a testament to the triumph of our meticulously optimized Facebook Ads campaigns. By harnessing advanced targeting options, crafting captivating ad copy, and employing strategic bidding techniques, we effectively penetrated a broader audience, fostered brand awareness, and garnered a significant number of page followers.


  • Organic Traffic Soared: From 12,000 to 140,000+ in just 3 months.

  • Unique Visitors Soared: Achieved a staggering 657% increase.

  • Google Indexed Pages Expanded: Grew by an impressive 1116%.

  • Bounce Rate Reduced: From 92% to below 75%.

  • Website Speed Enhanced: From 37 seconds to 4.3 seconds.

  • Facebook Pages Skyrocketed: 7.8 million Likes within seven months and still growing

The achieved outcomes eloquently demonstrate the effectiveness of our tailored solutions in elevating Al Araby TV Network's online presence, intensifying brand recognition, and fostering profound audience engagement. The substantial upswing in website traffic, coupled with elevated levels of engagement and a remarkably diminished bounce rate, bear witness to the triumphant nature of our content strategy and optimization endeavors. Moreover, the extraordinary surge in Facebook page likes underscores the profound impact of our targeted advertising campaigns, successfully reaching an expansive audience and propelling brand affinity.

Al Araby TV Network is now primed to leverage these astounding achievements to solidify its position as a prominent player within the industry, expand its outreach to the audience, and further enhance its brand reputation. The sustained growth and favorable outcomes achieved through our strategic initiatives set the stage for continued success and a prosperous future for Al Araby TV Network.

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