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Go Mobile Or Die! Why Mobile Marketing Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Plan Today!

Mobile Marketing in Lebanon and Middle EastMobile marketing is changing the way businesses engage their customers and acquire new ones. Think about it! Almost all of your customers have mobile phones, and most of these mobiles are smartphones. Soon most people will depend on mobile devices as their number one way to access the internet and their social accounts!

Mobile marketing for business leads to action and delivers results. A recent study found that 77% of smartphone users (iPhones, Android, etc..) search for local businesses and services using their phone and that 90% of them convert within the same day.

What’s more surprising is that 64% of people were found to convert on the searches within the hour. This is a very powerful stuff. Imagine that your business is one of those being found when potential customers were searching for your business category on their smartphones!

Mobile marketing is very effective and powerful. Your customers and competitors are on mobile are your business their?

What are you waiting for to go mobile?

Royal Online Solutions Mobile Marketing in Lebanon and Middle East is here for your success. Contact us to start now!

As a business owner, are you benefiting from using mobile devices as a powerful marketing tool? You as a business owner are you having an effective mobile marketing strategy in place?

Do you know that!

  • Consumers are now turning to their mobile devices more often to make everyday purchasing decisions? Not only because it is convenient to do so, but also because people are learning to use their smartphones beyond simple text messaging.

Do you know that!

  • Most people access their social networks accounts from their smartphones to like and share content, to read information about products and services and to recommend products and services they like to their family and friends.

Do you know that!

  • Most people have their phones within arm’s length every hour of the day. They check their mobiles more than 16 times a day, and some would definitely feel lost without checking it every 15 minute!

Royal Online Solutions Provides Your Business With All Tools Required To Start A Successful Mobile Marketing Strategy

  • Mobile Friendly Websites

  • Business Mobile Applications

  • Bulk SMS Marketing

  • QR Code Marketing

  • Social Mobile Marketing

  • Mobile Coupons

Get Immediate Response!

Mobile Marketing Creates Immediate Response

Mobile phone users are known to check their phones every now and then, so any new message they receive are often opened and read within a 3-minute period. Compare that with an email message that may sometimes sit in someone's inbox for weeks and you know which one converts to a potential sale faster.

Always On, Anytime, Anywhere

Reach Your Target Audience Anytime and Anywhere!

Mobile phones are frequently carried by users anywhere they go. If you use target marketing via mobile phones, you get the advantage of immediate message delivery and your ad campaigns are read almost instantaneously by your audience. This method of advertising reaches a wider audience than traditional methods such as print ads, TV and radio ads.

Enhance Customer Management!

More Personalized Customer Management

Through mobile technology, you can deliver messages to your customers wherever they may be. You can encourage customer participation on surveys, or remind them of an ongoing sale of your products in their area. You can receive feedback immediately, and you can customize your marketing plans to engage your customers even more.

Increase Your ROI

Unlimited Earning Potential At Minimal Cost

With a good mobile marketing plan, you can target your market, increase your sales and achieve a loyal following among your audience. Imagine attaining all these without having to spend a huge investment on billboard advertisings and TV ads! No other media can provide this kind of experience for both businesses and consumers.

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