why your business needs social media strategy
Does your business need a social media strategy? It is not a hidden fact that Social media marketing is crucial for businesses these days and that businesses must be where their customers are. In a previous post I talked about the importance of having a web presence for  your business in this post I will
Social Media Image Sizes Matter
Hello folks, Today I will share with you a great infographic showing you the right social media image sizes.  During the last two weeks I’ve got a lot of questions from clients asking me what’s the best size of Facebook  page image? What’s the best size of Twitter profile image? What’s the best size of
Why Your Business Must Have Online Presence
Does Your Business Needs An Online Presence? Before I show you why your business must have an online presence, I’ll start this post with three questions: Do you know how online marketing is changing people’s purchasing habits? You! as a business owner, don’t you think that your business must have a strong online presence? Do
Mobile Marketing - Mobile Is Changing The Marketing Game
Mobile Marketing – Mobile Search Trends Study For Serious Business Owners and Marketers It is not a secret anymore that mobile devices became a mainstay in people’s lives, and it is extremely important for businesses and marketers to jump onto the mobile marketing wagon to communicate with their target audience through mobile devices. But why